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It has come to our attention that HSBC Bank Canada has been discriminating mortgage applicants based on different criteria (specifically national origin) of applicants, declining applicants and withholding their reasons for denial.

We have received a complaint from a user who has a near perfect credit file and employed for nearly a decade at the same employer. This buyer attempted to purchase a home at great value.  We verified his claim and documents as well. HSBC would not comment on this matter.

In December 2011, a 53 year old woman who has been in Canada for 6 years also complained about the HSBC Bank also denying her mortgage application (a very strong one) and also giving her the idea it is based on her national origin.

HSBC Bank claims they are “world bank” so we ask HSBC to stop discriminating and denying mortgage applicants with little, no, or absurd reasons.

If you have also felt you have been discriminated against, by HSBC Bank Canada, please contact us and share your story.

HSBC Contact:

5th Floor-3383 Gilmore Way, Burnaby BC, V5G 4S1

Phone.     1.888.509.4999 | 604.435.7086

Fax.         1.888.301.3313 | 604.435.9295



Consumer Reviews - HSBC:


I am not the sort of person who likes making complaints. In fact my HSBC mortgage is the first thing I have ever complained about in writing. I simply can't put into words just how incompetent, inept and rude their whole process is...there are just too many details for me to mention them all and, as I type, the chain I am trying to close is still in complete jeopardy due to HSBC and their solicitors Beaumont Legal. This should have been resolved well over a month ago and, having already formally...

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Our initial over the phone application was straight forward, after 1 3/4 hours we were told the paperwork would be with us within 3 days and this happened. However trying to organise a meeting in branch to confirm idenities proved to be unsuccessful and eventually we had to go in branch just to make an appointment. We went and handed in all paperwork at the branch and they sent it through internal mail and we had a call to say they have received it and it has been sent to the underwriters. We chased...

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“Beyond a joke”

I would just like to add to the already long list of complaints about HSBC/Countrywide. We are buying a house from people who are getting a mortgage for their purchase with HSBC. We rushed everything through from our side to get everything ready for exchange only to be told that HSBC/Countrywide had not given clearance for the mortgage our vendors are trying to obtain. As such it is looking increasingly likely that we're going to miss our moving date which is going to cause significant inconvenience...

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“Avoid Avoid Avoid”

Accepted an offer on our property from FTBs early feb, provided intial paperwork at start of March. Had an offer accepted on a property mid March, our vendors found somewhere a few weeks later. It's now May, our conveyancing was complete 3 weeks ago and my Sol has drawn the mortgage ready for completion based on dates we agreed in feb. Our vendors conveyancing is complete, they are ready to go and their vendors are ready to go too. Only this week, after chasing, do I find that HSBC haven't even...

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“Diabolical service”

My whole chain hangs in the balance today. I do not need a mortgage and was buying a vacant possession property, I accepted the offer from my buyers on the strict understanding as they were primarily cash purchasers that we could exchange and complete quickly. Then they decided to take a small HSBC mortgage. Suffice to say they did not exchange on the agreed date, thus I am substantially out of pocket having accepted a much lower than market value offer to secure a quick sale. I have now watched...

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“Check sale chain, establish if HSBC is involved anywhere”

Have been stuck in a chain waiting to exchange contracts for 3 weeks. Everyone ready to exchange except one buyer who is getting a mortgage with HSBC. That buyer is waiting for HSBC "approval" before exchange can be done throughout the chain. NEW LESSON LEARNT: Find out ASAP if anyone in the chain is getting a mortgage through HSBC, if they are then get out of that chain. It is a bottomless pit....

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“hsbc were one of the worse banks i have been to they...”

hsbc were one of the worse banks i have been to they were rude and have messed us about terriby with our mortgage meaning we have had to go elsewhere after already having an offer accepted on our house they are now being messed about because of hsbc...

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I am in a chain of 4: the bottom is a cash buyer and the top has moved into rented accommodation. I sold my house in mid January and found another one to buy two weeks later. Simple? At least I thought it was. Unfortunately, my mortgage is with HSBC and so is my buyer's. Countrywide finally approved my mortgage after 3 weeks but not without several complaints by me to the mortgage department. I was told that Countrywide are supposed to turn the job around within 5 working days but my solicitor contacted...

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“Shocking Shocking Shocking - Avoid HSBC at all costs ”

Avoid HSBC at all costs. Shocking service, I have never known anything take so long or anyone make so many excuses. I wish to god I had read these reviews before applying. For the sake of your sanity, and the house you want to buy, do not apply to HSBC....

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“HS = Horrendously Slow”

The lack of a response from Countrywide is threatening to derail the entire chain we are in. Even though they have been sitting on the required paperwork for a week they appear to be uncontactable and refuse to give the go ahead to the first solicitor in the chain. Consequently the whole process is being jeopardised, causing enormous stress to four groups of people up the chain which we fear may break at any time now. Everyone has complained to HSBC who have yet to react....

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Chose HSBC because mortgage rate was good. I did the initial application online but had to take proof of ID and mortgage application into branch. Branch didn't know what the hell to do with the application! Eventually got a mortgage offer so we could proceed with our purchase. Telephone helpline were very confusing - gave me lots of telephone numbers for lots of services but didn't explain the mortgage process. At this point I had my first contact with Countrywide!!!!! Was given details of my allocated...

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“Shambolic... Please do not use HSBC.”

HSBC offer very competitive rates and I have banked with them for years. So to choose my mortgage with them was an easy decision. In hind site I wish I had gone elsewhere. Any monies saved over the next 5 years has gone up front. HSBC use their own solicitors which you have to pay towards. Three months ago my solicitor sent over everything that was requested I asked my mortgage advisor if they had everything. Yes he said although I do need a completion date which I gave. For the past month and a...

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I must start by saying that we are not trying to get the mortgage it's our buyers apparantly and it has been going on since the begining of Feb. Through getting any info i can from my estate agent i understand you have to take HSBC solictors????? and my buyers have also got their our solicitors. Now our sols and the buyers own sols are all ready to go ahead with exchange and have been for many weeks now, so whats the hold up BL**DY countrywide, and why is it held up, well ask me another question...

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“Gross incompetence and inneficiency - Avoid HSBC...”

I cocncur with every other negative review about HSBC mortgages on this website! My wife and I have just lost our perfect house as the vendors have decided to pull out due to the hurdles and continual delays that have been imposed by our mortgage provider HSBC. We are first time buyers and were iniitially suckered in to applying for a HSBC mortgage due to their competitive rates and in particular a 'no fee' 5 year fixed mortgage product they were offfering throughout January 2012. We stupidly thought...

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